Building Muscle Without a Gym

With gyms closed during lockdown, many of took to at-home workouts and realised we may not even need the gym after all!

One of the biggest things that I missed about not going to the gym was lifting weights.

Progressive overload, or challenging your body with increasingly heavy loads to force it to adapt and become stronger, is difficult without weights. However, you can build muscle, lose fat and get in the best shape without even walking out the door.

The advantages of bodyweight exercises are that you're doing functional, compound movements that let you focus on form without the added resistance. You'll get stronger in movement patterns you use in everyday life, plus you'll work multiple joints and muscles at one time with exercises like squats, push-ups, and lunges.

Try one or all four of these tactics in your next workout and see what tests your muscles the most:

Increase reps and sets; decrease rest time: The more you do an exercise, the more you'll increase the metabolic stress you put on your muscles. Do more reps and sets of bodyweight exercises than you'd typically do at the gym with weights for similar results.

Change the angle or tempo of the exercise: Try taking your lunges for a walk or stepping out on a diagonal. Or add an incline or decline to your push-ups. Changing the angle can both incorporate other muscles into the move, but also work different parts of the same muscle group.

Add some holds and half-reps: This can add more metabolic stress to the muscles, thus resulting in more gains. For example, if lunges feel easy, hold the bottom of the movement (both knees bent 90 degrees) for a few seconds before standing up.

Do more plyometrics: Squat jumps, lunge jumps, hinge jumps, burpees—they all count toward more muscle building.

Interested in trying some at-home workouts? Give some of these a shot!

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